Fireboy and Watergirl Games Play Online

What would you do if you had the power of fire or water? Would you try on the custom of a superhero helping those in need? Or maybe make a move at conquering the world? Or stage your own magical show? Our heroes decided to walk away from all the publicity and ambitions and focus on adventures in the first place! Fireboy and Watergirl live in a fairy tale country where everyone has control of a certain element. But calm, peacef-ul life doesn’t suit them. So they venture into the most distant and dangerous place on earth in search of adrenaline and of course treasures! Team up with your friend and choose which of the characters to take charge of in this amazing and captivating arcade!

Two elements working together

How did the heroes get their names? It’s easy. Fireboy has a lot of flame energy inside him, so he can contact open fire without being afraid to get hurt. In the game, he easily walks through puddles of lava crossing over to grab another diamond. Watergirl, for her part, is born with the magic of the opposite element, so she can step into the water without getting drowned and also pass through waterfalls. However, interacting with hostile elements will instantly kill the heroes, so don’t make a mistake! There are also puddles of other colors on the map – those are dangerous for both characters.

The gameplay is team-based. That means you can only pass the level working together. For instance, some doors can only be opened if one of the heroes steps on a switch and stays there while the other clears the room hidden behind them. The mechanics work the same way for other obstacles and traps. In some games, you will also encounter enemies that have to be outsmarted or simply killed. The first levels are usually pretty easy, but the further you move the more challenges you face! So prepare to think carefully and use your logic to solve these tricky riddles!

Collect the crystals and clear out!

Fireboy and Watergirl have been to numerous wonderful locations and you are going to visit them together with a restless duo. The road of wanderings will bring you to the Forest Temple full of greenery and whispering trees, then to the Temple of Light where you’ll have to perform various reflection tricks to get to the end of the level, then to the Ice Castle and even to the Temple of Horror inhabited by evil spirits you’ll have to defeat! The decorations will be changing, but your ultimate task will remain the same – reach the exit having collected as many crystals as possible. The crystals are scattered throughout the location, sometimes in pretty hard to reach spots. You’ll have to think tactically and decide how to get there combining the special abilities of your heroes.

The task is complicated by the fact that each character can only pick up gems of their own color. That makes the game even more interesting cause each time you’ll have to figure out how to use fire and water powers to collect all the diamonds. With your pockets full, head for the exit. Each hero has to walk into a different door, so don’t mix things up! At the end, you’ll see your score broken into two sections, for Fireboy and Watergirl. This way, you can not only learn to work as a team, but also set up a little competition to see who collects more! But in the long run, it’s more important to get out of the dungeons alive, so don’t get too much concentrated on contest. Besides, some levels should be passed in a limited amount of time requiring not just ingenuity but also good reflexes. There are plenty of adventures and challenges waiting for you in Fireboy and Watergirl games! Play one of them online and enjoy hours of an amazing pastime with your friend!