Hack & Unblocked

If you already played Fireboy and Watergirl online, then you know how the whole thing works. There are two characters controlled by two players. One of them is a boy who has an ability to create various fire effects. The other is a girl with a quit opposite skill – she can control water. Working together, they move through levels overcoming obstacles and avoiding dangers in an attempt to collect as many gems as they can. This is a great opportunity to find out how you and your friend work as one team and how well you can collaborate to solve difficult puzzles.

But what are you going to do if you are a boy and you like water more than fire or, on the contrary, if you are a girl and you like fire more than water? There is a solution for that and it’s called Splashboy and Lavagirl! This remake of the good old team game switches the balance of powers. Now the boy controls water and the girl on the other hand manipulates flame. The gameplay is familiar and the mechanics remained largely the same, but it brings some new tint to the concept we all got used to.

Like in the classic arcade, there is a certain number of levels you have to complete collecting diamonds. There are also timed levels that you need to complete before the given amount of time runs out. Race as fast as you can but don’t forget to think with your head otherwise you can end up in a fix! The task is complicated by the fact that the heroes can walk on different types of surfaces. While the Splashboy can easily overcome any extend of water, the Lavagirl can’t cross it. And visa versa, the girl can walk on lava as if it was flat earth, but the hot boiling liquid will instantly kill the boy if he touches it. That means you’ll have to think twice before making another step. However, combining your skills wisely and helping each other out of tough situations will definitely allow you to beat any obstacles and get out of the most complicated traps! Set out on an amazing adventure and see how many diamonds you can gather roaming the dangerous labyrinths that get ever longer and trickier as Splashboy and Lavagirl!

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