For Two

The adventures of two opposite elements go on! In the real world, water can’t coexist with fire, but in this game they are friends and help each other. Fireboy and Watergirl set out on another trip full of dangers! This time, the heroes found themselves in an ancient temples. Someone had put traps everywhere to prevent the intruders from getting away with sacred treasures. But our characters aren’t afraid of any obstacles and can overcome all hardships! There puddles of water and lava, flying platforms and various puzzles waiting for you. But you will surely deal with them working as a team! This is the moto of the entire Fireboy and Watergirl series and you are going to make sure of the advantages of collaborative gameplay a huge number of times!

Your main task on every level is to gather all the diamonds without getting in traps and find an exit. Now the gems are all of different color. The Fireboy can only pick up red diamonds while the Watergirl can only collect blue ones. The traps are also different – the boy can overcome lava puddles while the girl can pass through a waterfall. The levels are structured like towers – you need to make your way up stepping from one platform to another. At the end of the level, there are exits and they are also meant for each hero separately. Guide your character into the door with a corresponding symbol (male or female). When both kids are out, it’s time to analyze the results – how many gems each hero managed to collect. This way, you can organize a competition and find out who passed the level better. So call your friends and start roaming the intricate labyrinths full of treasures! There are many hours of exciting pastime waiting for you.

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