For Three Players

Thrilled with challenging arcades with puzzle elements that require not only good reflexes but also some thinking? Then you undoubtedly have to discover an awesome game called Fireboy and Watergirl! Follow in the steps of two adventurous kids with supernatural powers and find fairy tale treasures in mysterious and thrilling dungeons! The two are friends and work as one. They help each other out of tough situations and combine their skills to overcome impassable spots of the map and intricate traps set up throughout the location for three players.

This time, the friendly duo walked into the Temple of Light. Who knows what mysteries and trials are waiting there for them? There are two levels opened at once and if you are an experienced player, you can just skip the first one and plunge right into the thrilling adventure! If you want to get an idea of what the gameplay will be, look at the temple name. The gaming mechanics deals with rays of light that you will have to manipulate to reach the door leading to the next location. For instance, you’ll have to aim the beam into the mirror using a special reflecting frame. That will lift the bar blocking your way. There will be plenty of such puzzles, so get ready to work with your brain!

The Temple of Light features four kinds of levels. On each of them, you’ll have to perform a different type of mission. For instance, if the level is indicated with a hexagon, that means it’s time-based and your task is to get to the exit in the shortest time possible. Triangles mean the characters will have to reach the door simultaneously. And if you see a rhombus on the map, only the spots where Fireboy and Watergirl stand will be marked. That makes the level a lot more difficult to complete!

Like in other parts of the game, you’ll have to demonstrate some solid teamwork to collect all the crystals and successfully make it out of the maze. The boy and the girl have different powers and can move over different surfaces without getting hurt. For example, while a puddle of lava will kill Watergirl, her companion can easily cross it without any damage. And on the contrary, the girl can walk across puddles of water where Fireboy will drown. Keeping that in mind, you can come up with the most advantageous strategy of passing the level. Learn all the tricks of the Temple of Light and clear its most remote corners to go home with handfuls of shiny stones!

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