Fireboy & Watergirl 3: The Ice Temple

You probably already know a lot about Fireboy and Watergirl and their daring adventures. These two just can’t sit still! Calm life is not for them, they are constantly in search of new challenges and new dangers. They aren’t afraid of anything because they have special powers giving them control over two primary elements – fire and water. And, most importantly, they are always ready to help each other and overcome any obstacles working as a team. Play this amazing game together with your friend and enjoy a scattering of puzzles that will test not only your reflexes, but also your logic!

Fireboy and Watergirl have already been to many mysterious and ancient places where they were wandering across the winding passages and mazes collecting treasures that have been lying here for dozens of ages. Now they have roamed into a stunningly beautiful but extremely dangerous Ice Temple. Nobody knows how built this place, but it’s made of pure ice! Nevertheless, its tunnels and platforms only seem to be fragile. They host a lot of trials for our brave heroes. Are you ready to face them? Then let’s go!

Our characters need to run and hop between water and fire figuring out how to use their abilities best to get to the most remote corners of the location and not get hurt. Fireboy is insensitive to flame, so he can easily step into puddles of boiling lava, however he should beware of water. And on the contrary, Watergirl won’t get any damage plunging into water, but she will vaporize if she walks into lava. Both heroes must be watchful not to get into puddles of other colors on their path. Each level has a goal – you have to reach the exits leading to another part of the territory. There are two doors meant for each character – the red one for Fireboy and the blue one for Watergirl. Make sure to go into the right door. Along the way, both kids must gather diamonds of the same color, however if the level is marked by green diamond, they must also pick up green gems. The quicker you reach the exit, the bigger will be your score and rating.

The selection of tactics is up to you. If you play on your own, you can move each of heroes turn by turn. If you play with a friend, you can move them simultaneously. It doesn’t matter how you choose to pass the game, the most important thing is the emotions you get! Delve into the wonderful journey across the Ice Temple and uncover all its secrets!

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