Fireboy and Watergirl: Treasure Hunt

Once again Fireboy and Watergirl are up for adventure! This time there is a real challenge ahead of them. But before you set out, you need tor realize one thing: the secret of successfully passing the game is to work together combining your special abilities in a way that will allow you to overcome obstacles and beat the enemies. When there are two of you, it’s easier to get into places that are tough to reach and find a way out of a trap. One of you can stand on the switch that opens the door to a room full of diamonds and another will walk in there and collect the shiny stones! The heroes can also use their powers to cross surfaces that are impassable for their companion: while Fireboy easily walks over lava without burning himself, Watergirl can step into the water without getting drowned. That comes in pretty handy when you encounter a challenging area.

So how did it all start this time? Fireboy and Watergirl were playing in the attic and found an old map where intergalactic pirates had marked the place where they had hidden countless treasures. Intrigued, the heroes instantly stopped chasing each other and hiding in mysterious ruins to concentrate and carefully study their finding. The smart kids quickly figured out that the crystals lie in the ground near the cave.

Without putting things off, they set off for a journey. Soon they arrived at the spot indicated on the map. Strangely, the magical gems have already been packed into sacks as if they have been waiting for the curious kids. But there is a trick: every time you can take home just one sack of your own color. You are going to complete 18 daring missions. Danger is everywhere: deep pits and bottomless abysses are ready to mercilessly swallow the intruders. The game requires full focus: if you make a wrong step, you will fall from the precipice headlong! Only the most attentive and collaborative players will be able to overcome all the obstacles and carry all the treasures to their house!

Fireboy and Watergirl: Treasure Hunt is an exciting game for you and your friend that will keep you in your seats in front of the computer for a long time! Cute colorful graphics, thrilling gameplay and captivating elements of puzzles will sometimes make you stop and think how can you possibly continue your way without getting stuck. But think fast because time is limited on some levels. Try to collect all the crystals and prove that teamwork rules!

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