Fireboy and Watergirl: Amazon Adventure

The adventures of magical characters Fireboy and Watergirl continue! This time the heroes find themselves in the deep jungle near the Amazon river. There are many hungry animals and even plants living here. They will swallow the two friends in a second! However, Fireboy and Watergirl are no helpless – using dexterity and cunning, they are capable of outplaying their opponents. But they are going to need your help! Take control of the Fireboy or Watergirl and pass a few dozens of thrilling levels!

Your main task is to gather diamonds. There can be ten of them on one level. Note that they are placed in a way that if you skip even a single one, you won’t be able to come back. Think your tactics over, look through every move and don’t drive yourself into a trap. Otherwise you’ll have to pass the level form the very beginning. As you proceed, the level of difficulty will increase. The first locations will set you up against easy enemies, but their number will grow and the levels will look more and more like tricky mazes. However, you’ll also be assisted by the third, secret character. This is a green man we know nothing about, but he always appears in the right moment and helps them out of the fix. So if one of the heroes got stuck, the other two can continue their way and win the level!

Remember that you are surrounded by wild exotic flora and fauna. You’ll encounter dangers predators – lions, tigers and others. Physically, you are no match to them – after all, they are much bigger and stronger than you. However, you can easily outsmart them using traps. Put a bear trap with food to catch the beast. Carnivorous plants also pose danger. You won’t be able to destroy them, but you can simply hop over. The jungle is drawn amazingly thanks to high-quality cartoon graphics and vivid landscapes. All objects in the game are fully detailed. Fireboy and Watergirl will definitely suit the entire family, both kids and adults! It’s a great opportunity to have an amazing pastime, either alone or with a friend!

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