Fireboy and Watergirl 9

The inseparable friends, Fireboy and Watergirl 9, keep looking for trouble! This time, the valiant duo will venture into a pretty scary building – Temple of Horror. Long ago, this land was inhabited by a nation that worshiped evil forces – darkness, horror and chaos. They built a temple in honor of demonic powers. For some time, the evil spirits lived happily. But then that nation gradually disappeared and nobody walked into the Temple of Horror. There was noone to scare. The spirits didn’t wanna put up with it. They got furious and decided to take their vengeance for long years of meaningless oblivion. Once the night fell, they creeped out of their layer and started terrorizing everyone in their way. These mischiefs have put the nearby cities and villages in danger. What do our brave heroes do if there is injustice to fix? They come to the rescue! The fearless duo sets off to the Temple of Horror to put an end to the dark deeds of the evil spirits!

How do you do that? By shooting at them from a slingshot. However, instead of stones or cannonball, you will fire the characters! Such tactics can’t pass without a trace – your lives will be decreasing. That means you have to carefully think through potential consequences of each shot and only then make your move. Since there are two heroes, you can switch between Fireboy and Watergirl sending them into flight turn by turn. To a player with little experience, it may seem even easier. But not everything is so simple. The characters can kill not just all enemies, but only those of the same color. Fireboy can only aim at spirits of red color, while Watergirl is only capable of dealing with blue-colored spirits. There are also enemies that can be killed by both heroes, but most of the time you must keep your eyes wide open not to make a mistake! Good luck!

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