Fireboy and Watergirl 8

The new anime-style game will send the players into the future again allowing you to play as Fireboy and Watergirl 8 new part. Japanese developers have transformed the format of the game and now there is a new, more interesting yet a bit grim project waiting for us. The goal is to explore a masteries laboratory and learn its secrets. There are plenty of traps and dangers ahead such as lasers, sharp spikes, moving platforms and much more. To overcome them, you need to work together with your partner and be extra careful!

The heroes have also changed: now the boy has accepted the element of water and the girl has gained control over flame. The boy wears a blue costume similar to a ninja kimono. The sign of a lightning tells you that he is very fast. The girl is dressed very simply, the only thing distinguishing her is a heart on her head. But the fact that she prefers not to stand out with her clothing doesn’t mean she’s helpless. She will help the boy in a tough situation and deactivate dangerous spots of the map.

The laboratory is a vast location consisting of pipes and traps. Your task is to collect a maximum amount of gems on every level and find a way out. Move through obstacles thinking logically. Not all parts of the map can be crossed simply by hopping over. For instance, the girl ends up above while the boy finds himself below. However, there is a box underneath that will help the hero get upwards. The main thing is to act as a team.

In the lab, you’ll discover unique objects that will simplify the gameplay. On the second level, you’ll get wings that can be used only by the girl. With their help, she can perform double jumps and get to hard-to-reach places. Then, using boxes, she can pave the way for the boy. Similar items can be found for the boy as well. In the process you’ll also find hearts that will increase your health. If you get into a trap, one of your lives will be lost. But even if you lose your entire health, it’s enough to wait for a few seconds and the characters will respawn at the previous spot. You won’t have to pass the level over again. Play the new version of Fireboy and Watergirl again and experience amazing adventures in the distant Japan!

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