Fireboy and Watergirl 7

We all know and love theFireboy and Watergirl 7 series. This amazing arcade with tricky maze like levels challenging the players to collect the twinkling crystals and get out of all traps has been widely popular in the internet for many years. However, it’s not necessary to strain yourself with dangerous adventures every time. Once in a while, you can relax and enjoy a calm pastime in the company of familiar heroes!

The magical country of elements is finally at peace and our favorite characters decided to rest from their duty to fight enemies and save their homeland from dangers. The young flame and the fast-paced drop didn’t go to search for crystals in dim dungeons or gold in ancient temples this day. They left in their home and devoted their time to active games and merry amusements.

After some time, the kids got tired and then the girl had an idea – take out a color book, some pencils and paint the paper in bright colors! Do you like her thought? Then don’t waste your time and attend to the virtual canvas while the heroes are colorless! The rich palette will allow you to create any image with a brilliant play of light and shadow. Turn on your imagination to the full and paint away!

Play an exciting online game called Fireboy and Wategirl: Colorbook and let the heart where the fairy tale heroes live fill with joy! You are the one to select the right hints. Just take a brush into your hand and fulfill your childish dream – animate an interesting cartoon! The app can be used both by one or two players. One of you can choose the boy and another one can pick the girl. Together, you will draw an even more beautiful picture! When everything is ready, you can save your creation to collect a whole gallery of Fireboy and Watergirl images or even print them out and hang on your walls!

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