Fireboy and Watergirl 6

There is a new adventure brewing on the horizon! Although Fireboy and Watergirl have already collected all the crystals in the Forest Temple, ancient spirits have again been woken up. Our heroes enraged them by their disrespect and now have to seek their mercy. After they were here last time, much had changed in the Forest Temple. There are new dangerous traps to avoid, so getting back to a familiar place shouldn’t deceive the players: the previous tactics won’t work this time, you need something new. You have an opportunity to uncover old and new secrets of the ancient construction and prove that no obstacles can stand in the way of the strongest magic – friendship!

Just like in other games of the series, one of the players will be controlling Fireboy and the other will be in charge of Watergirl. By working together, you will definitely succeed! In the sixth part of the saga, the indication of levels has changed. Now the symbol of the level is a crystal of a certain shape. Each shape symbolizes the requirements to complete the levels. An important nuance: there will be no fights with enemies, your main task is to leave the Forest Temple. Each level is a separate mini game of arcade type. The goal is to gather all the gems. And while these stones differ in color, it’s not hard to figure out who is tasked with collecting red diamonds and who must pick up blue ones. However, gathering crystals isn’t everything you are going to do. There is a new condition: the heroes shouldn’t fall back from each other or they won’t be able to walk out through the door. Enter the new chapter of Fireboy and Watergirl adventures, sort out all the things in the Temple Forest and get back home with your pockets full of shiny diamonds!

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