Fireboy and Watergirl 5: Elements

If you were looking for a game from which you can get a lot of positive emotions, then your search is complete! Fireboy and Watergirl is a unique case where, in addition to solving puzzles, you can wander around and explore mysterious mazes full of ancient treasures. It is enough to use ingenuity to pass the location in a minute. In addition to the pleasant graphics and good design, each level contains a separate musical theme. Sometimes, to solve puzzles, you need not so much your mind as knowing special tricks that will help you to cope with difficulties and successfully find an exit.

On one hand, it may seem that some levels are rather simple, but there are some that will require extraordinary effort from the player. This is the whole beauty of the game where the developers give you time to take a breath and again strive to conquer new premises. In addition to cunning, you can develop your reflexes and reaction speed. If you are ready to try your patience and flexibility of thinking, then investigate the intricate rooms and labyrinths of various magical locations with plenty of sparkling diamonds scattered under the layer of age-old dust. There are enough levels to find out how carefully you can explore the map, how quickly you can reach the exit and how well your brain works in critical situations.

The game is meant for two players. One will take charge of Fireboy and the other will be controlling Watergirl. You can choose any character to your liking. As can be implied from their names, the heroes can manipulate different elements. Fireboy is immune to flames while Watergirl can easily walk over the water surface without drowning. These abilities will come in handy while overcoming numerous obstacles and rescuing each other from traps. Collaborative work is a must if you want to pass the levels as fast as possible and with a maximum amount of gems. The crystals lie in the most distant and hard-to-reach places of the map and it will require some tactical thinking and logic to figure out how to get there. But don’t give up if the level seems impassable, use your special powers and find out how to walk out of the dangerous dungeons with a hefty load of treasures! Fireboy and Watergirl: 5 elements hosts even more challenges for you to encounter and rewards for you to collect! Complete this amusing and sweet game and enjoy the thrilling and intriguing gameplay together with your friend!

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