Fireboy and Watergirl 4: The Crystal Temple

Fireboy & Watergirl in The Crystal Temple is an arcade puzzle game for two players. Play for the two opposite elements, collect all the crystals and help the heroes get out of the temple! Our heroes characters already visited the ice castle, the temple of light and the magical forest. Now it’s the turn of another adventure in the dungeon of the crystal temple! A huge number of levels can be completed only with a team game. The temple got its name probably due to the fact that an incredible amount of different crystals is stored in it, and in addition there are crystal portals at every step, capable of moving you to the farthest corner of the maze in an instant. The game is of moderate difficulty, but very interesting! Be careful, there are plenty of traps waiting for you, but you will surely overcome them. Help the heroes act together, help each other and move adamantly towards your intended goal!

Due to the fact that the action takes place in a dungeon, the atmosphere is expected to be gloomy. But the gray scenery is diluted by bright and cheerful characters – Fireboy and Watergirl. Their belonging to different elements does not interfere at all with working in a team. Maybe this is mutual sympathy, and maybe just forced measures. After all, without mutual help, the guys won’t get out of prison! The separation according to the elements is not casual. Each character can overcome obstacles only of their own element. Watergirl can swim across puddles while Fireboy easily passes spots filled with lava. Both need to beware of black pools, though, that are mortally dangerous to any element. In addition to solving puzzles, you need to collect crystals, which also belong to different elements – red gems can only be picked up by Fireboy while Watergirl is responsible for gathering blue crystals. After collecting all the items, go to the exit. At the end of the maze, the characters must each enter their own door.

On the level selection map, you can see individual crystals – this is the learning mode. If you and your friend encountered a game of this genre for the first time, make sure to try and complete a couple of levels to see how things work first. If you have already played Fireboy and Watergirl, feel free to skip these levels and get right to the most interesting part of the adventure. The treasures of the Crystal Temple are waiting for you!

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