Fireboy and Watergirl 2019

There is unrest in the magical kingdom. Young princess Carolina and the prince of a neighboring country are in love! But there is a catch: for some reason, their royal relatives are against this union. The king and the queen are plotting against the love doves striving to part them. Unable to be together in the open, the poor kids decide to run away into a fairy tale place where nobody will prevent them from indulging in sweet dreams.

The perky and fast plan was successful: the young rebels slipped away from the court to open a new page in their life. But the heroes forgot to take care of their appearance and basic supplies. Now them have to improvise to get out of the fix. The royal kids are so similar that people have trouble differentiating them: the girl has a red bow in her hair while the boy wears a small crown.

Help the two in love gain their happiness by playing Fireboy and Watergirl: Prince and Princess online! Walk in the forest, enjoy the beautiful nature and collect eatable items. There are plenty of fruits and vegetables scattered around. They will also give the kids magical abilities. The game can be played in single and team mode. You can write this love story yourself or plunge into the colorful fairy tale world together with a friend. The two heroes count on your help! They are still too young and don’t know a lot of things. Plus living in the palace they aren’t very used to taking care of themselves. But with your assistance, they will surely adapt to unusual circumstances and live a happy life far from disapproving parents and court intrigues in 2019!

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