Fireboy and Watergirl 1 in the Forest Temple

If you enjoy playing games for two, you definitely should try Fireboy and Watergirl! This amazing arcade challenges you to complete a series of daring levels playing as two magical kids with control of two different elements: fire and water. The boy can walk over lava and do various tricks with flame and the girl is capable of controlling water. Interested how their skills work in tandem?

At the first level, you need to complete a course of a young fighter. You will be told that along the way you need to collect diamonds, that each character can only go through a puddle of his own color and that you need to act together. For example, one hero can stand on the switch so that the second door opens. When you step off it, the door will close, so while you’re on the switch, your companion needs to get into the room and pick up all the gems lying there. You’ll have to do plenty of such tricks, so get ready to think tactically! To pass the level you need to get to the two doors, preferably collecting all the diamonds along the way.

After that, the first level will open. The levels will open gradually. First it will be level after level, like in a classic arcade, and at some point the “fork” of the level selection will begin. If a certain zone was difficult, you can select the next one on the map. That makes it easier to pass the game because you can choose the sequence of passing the locations without getting stuck at a certain tough area.

Starting from the second level, there will be no more tips! You need to act independently with your partner. And while the very first levels are passed almost on the fly, further it will be more difficult. So prepare for some challenges! Even if you consider yourself an experience arcade player and puzzle solver, this game will make you rake your brain because it isn’t enough to have some skills, you need to learn to work together if you hope to succeed.

A distinctive feature of this series is that all the decorations are furnished with elements of greenery from the forest. That adds more atmosphere and mystery to the gameplay. You can really feel like walking in the mystical woods full of secrets and treasures. And it’s only up to you whether you can find and get them! To proceed to the next level, you need to collect a certain number of gems first. If you don’t gather the mentioned amount, you won’t be able to walk out through the exit door, so keep your eye on the diamond tracker to make sure your pockets are full and you won’t have to come back for more precious stones!

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