Games for two can exciting not only if you compete with each other, but also when you work as a team. Fireboy and Watergirl allow you to try what it is! You are going to act as two completely different characters. They are friends and always up for an adventure! The boy can control the power of fire while the girl knows how to manipulate water. Together they can work miracles! Our heroes will travel through various locations unraveling puzzles and seeking a way out of intricate mazes. On their path, they will gather lots of treasures scattered in these mysterious labyrinths. Of course, they will encounter plenty of dangers and obstacles. And this is where you need to give it a little thought and decide how to combine your abilities to overcome the challenge. It may seem difficult and tricky at first, but the more you practice the easier you will get out of the most complex traps! Fireboy and Watergirl will bring you tons of thrilling emotions and many hours of enjoyable pastime with your friend! You can play this amazing game online sitting comfortably in the chair in front of your PC. See how far you can venture on your daring searches and discover the whole range of skills your heroes possess!

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